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Welcome to the generation of App-Economy. A careful look around you will tell you that the businesses are being transformed by IT applications. Our research shows that Agro-Food market will grow exponentially in the coming decade -- is your business IT-enabled to reap this opportunity?

One-Third of the food produced in this world is lost. The post harvest food “production and distribution” loss is a global phenomenon in the developing as well as the developed countries. There is a need to prevent “food loss during production and distribution” that comprises of 64% of the 1/3rd of the total crop produced in the world. You are an important stakeholder in reducing Post Harvest Losses. How do you play your role in it?

You can't manage what you can not measure. Using spreadsheets/emails to compete in a fierce market is like running a sprint without the right shoes/gear. INNOVATE with iReg – a product built ground up to take care of the Commodity Production Management, Quality Management as well as its Distribution – after all your business growth depends upon how well you execute your orders in the Production unit and how seamlessly you manage your Distribution & Logistics.


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iReg is a team of talented, enthusiastic and committed professionals, each with a real passion for the Agro-Food industry and our business. This is what has helped us to stand up our venture, build the product ground up, and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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